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Find and Keep Your Ideal Partner
Free 8 part audio course

Free 8 Part audio course on winning the Love Game
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The Love Game

Gravatar example * Why everyone needs love and belonging

* Where is your soulmate?

* How to you attract a partner to you

You will find the answers to these questions and many more in this highly acclaimed and very practical audio guide.

You will discover...

  • Where the game of love is played
  • The secrets of attracting people to you
  • How to create instant rapport and harmony
  • What makes people fall in love
  • How to be a successful communicator the NLP way
  • How to become incredibly interesting to other people
  • How to be a great conversationalist
  • Where your Prince or Princess is waiting for YOU

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Contents of The Love Game course

Part 1 (7 minutes)
What makes human beings tick
Unconditional love
Maslow's heirarchy of needs
The need for love and belonging
The board game of love -don't pass go without a partner!
How to find your special person - look in the right places

Part 2 (6 minutes)
People who are like each other.. like each other
Look for commonality
Where does love hang out?

Part 3 (12 minutes)
Make sure you are playing in the right game
Getting involved in activities where you will meet the right people
Being proactive to enhance your chances

Part 4 (10 minutes)
How do you pick the right person for you?
Subconscious assessment factors
Rapport, mirroring and matching

Part 5 (12 minutes)
Why don't you like some people?
The importance of body language
Mind methods and motivation
Sameness and difference, matchers and mis-matchers

Part 6 (5 minutes)
Using applied psychology in everyday life
Love strategy

Part 7 (7 minutes)
Everyone likes to talk
The need to be accepted
Attitude to yourself

Part 8 (8 minutes)
It's a numbers game
Pushing out of your comfort zone
Kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince

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